Career Options For A Digital Photographer

Becoming a digital photographer is no simple task as it takes a lot of hard work and skill. There is an old saying that practice makes you perfect. But that is applicable only if your foundation is strong and based on the right technique and knowledge. After securing a professional degree/ courses from any established institute, it becomes easier for you to step out into the world of photography. When you integrate your skill and expertise with knowledge of experts, you stand to gain a better understanding of your field and are able to explore many other avenues as well.


Digital photographers after becoming professionals can explorer numerous different career options which include the following:

  • Press photographers or photo journalists provide the press with pictures that need to accompany daily events and articles. This kind of photography is based on instinct and is best suited for those who are willing to work in difficult situations.
  • Fashion photographers work in collaboration with fashion houses, designers or individual models. This field requires in-depth knowledge about fashion trends and you must have strong creative and experimental traits to be successful in this field.
  • Portrait photographers specialize in capturing pictures of individuals. Their area of expertise may range from children to pets to functions and social events, including marriage.
  • Industrial photographers specialize in clicking pictures of machines, merchandise, industrial layout, workers etc. that are used for company advertisements and selling.
  • Feature photographers portray an entire story only through pictures. If you want to specialize in this you need to acquire extensive knowledge about the particular subject and be willing to work at any given time and place.
  • Forensic photographers specialize in clicking photographs at crime scenes. You require high levels of skills and expertise to become such a photographer and professional training is a must.
  • Wildlife photographers are perfect for those who feel at home with nature. It also covers nature photography as well as landscapes and scenery.

If you want you can also freelance as a digital photographer. This requires good management skills and an ability to work independently through networking and trying to improve your capabilities on your own. The salary package of a digital photographer varies and increases with experience and expertise. If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to begin in a studio or as an intern with a renowned photographer in which payment would be between Rs.3500-6000. Once you are established, you would be paid project wise which could range from Rs.10000-30000. Commercial photography generally has a higher pay packet than other fields of photography.

All in all, becoming a digital photographer is more about the passion than about the money. If you are passionate about clicking pictures then hone your skill in every possible way because the competition is very high and it takes a lot of hard work and talent to survive and be successful in this field.

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