Four Important Skills For A Modern Digital Photographer

Derived from two Greek word, photography has been derived from photos and graphein. While photos means light and grahein means to draw. The word was first used in 1839 by scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel. From there photography has come a very long way with the development of monochrome process, color process and digital photography. It was however the introduction of computer-based electronic digital cameras in the 1990s that completely revolutionized the field of photography. This increasingly reduced the use of film-based photochemical methods for photography as the digital medium become more popular and image quality began to gradually improve with each stage. So today photography is much more straightforward method than before because crafting images do not require a lot of processing. Further, with many people having access to digital camera that are available in mobile phones, it has become very easy for people to click images that are high in quality and clarity. However if you want to take your creativity and skill ahead, it is very important to learn photography in a systematic manner. Learning photography is of essential importance if you want to become a skilled and creative photographer.

Photography especially the digital medium has evolved to a great degree during the last few years. Today digital photographers need to do much more than compose and frame a shots. They need to learn a whole new set of skills in order to develop their skill to a high and good standard. Here we look at five important skills that can make a photographer shine and grow.

Understand your software
Editing photo software is extremely important in today’s digital times as it allows you to control your work in a much more enhanced manner. This means that you choose a good piece of editing software and learn how to operate it in a detailed and comprehensive manner. This does not mean that you have to buy the most expensive software, just be comfortable working with a good piece of software so that you can enhance the picture quality and value of a photograph.

Understand the fundamental of photography
It is important for every professional photographer to understand the basics of the field and this includes composition, exposure and the ability to use your camera in the best possible manner. Take some time and effort to learn things like depth of field, focal planes and shutter speed. They may seem uninteresting and boring to you but they will go a long way in helping you take spectacular and creative images. If you feel, you are not able to do this on your own, enroll for some good photography classes as they will help you to  get a basic understanding of the field and also polish your skills in a effective way. Further, so many reputed and established organizations offer photography classes that will help you grow and develop as a professional.

Learn from others work
Taking good images is a work of art and this cannot be done in isolation. The work of other photographers can help you develop your style, hone your skills and improve your knowledge. Look at the work of other photographers and try to learn from their style and how you can incorporate that in your own work. This will help you grow as a professional. Also remember to connect with other photographers on the web as well as a personal level. This will provide you opportunities to challenge your own skills as well. Another good way is to join photography courses as this will give you the ability to interact with similar photographers and learn from their experience and knowledge. In India, there are many photography courses that are available both on a full-time basis and a part-time basis. These photography classes are one of the best ways to learn and develop your skills especially if you are an amateur.

Practice makes perfect
Learning photography gets much more simpler when you practice it at every stage. You can read all the books and blogs, but it is only after clicking images using your camera that you will truly learn the art. Passion for photography comes from the feeling of having created something unique and interesting with your camera – be that a single image, a small portfolio or an entire body of work. There can never be a substitute for picking up a camera and using it to click images that you are passionate about. So above all it is only practice that will help you click better and good images, every single time.

In conclusion, photography is a very rewarding career option if you are ready to invest in the required skills and knowledge. And what’s more is that it is one of the few creative channels that allows you express yourself in the most imaginative way.


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