4 Myths About Photography

Photography is such a complex and ever evolving field that it is very easy to get lost in the muddle of information present within this field. The growth and emergence of the internet has on one hand helped photographers to enhance their knowledge while on the other hand has resulted in the creation of a lot of myths and misinformation. In this article, we look at some of the myths that are related to photography and digital photographers.

4 Myths About PhotographyMyth 1: Bad light means that I cannot take photographs
Fact: Light is one of the most important aspect of photography. But that does not mean that you cannot click good photographs in low light. Low lighting photography is very much possible if you understand the concept of shutter in a digital camera. To click good photographs in low light, you need to keep the shutter open long enough and wide enough to let in sufficient light. In addition, almost all models of DSLR camera have numerous features that allow you to control the flash, color, focus and depth of field, enabling you to take great images even in low light.

Myth 2: As long as I keep clicking pictures, one of them will turn out to be really amazing
It is always a good idea to take as many shots as possible of a particular image. But there is no guarantee that by only following this rule, you will find an amazing click at the end of your shoot. In order to click good images, you need to have a good understanding of frames and focus. A photographer must always have a purpose when clicking an image. Always make an image count, that way you will get better images every single time. In addition, DSLR photography allows photographers to get instant feedback as they can immediately see what kind of images they have clicked. So if you gain a comprehensive understanding of how your camera functions, even a few clicks can result in amazingly creative photographs.

Myth 3: If I had a better camera, I can click more beautiful images
To some degree this is true but this is not always the case. Always remember that exploring all the aspects and functionalities of your camera is more important than purchasing new equipments. If you are able to use your camera to the best of your ability, you will be able capture stunning images without any extra cost. It is always a better idea to invest in learning more about the field through photography school , seminars and classes. If you can invest in learning as well as in expensive gadgets, great but understanding the full potential of your gadget and enhancing your knowledge is more important than buying expensive equipments. In addition, know that there is a lot of bad photography made with very expensive gear and some stunning images that have been shot with iPhones.

Myth 4: Once I begin to make money through photography, I do not need to learn anything new
Updating your skills and knowledge is an important aspect of any profession, not just photography. When you stop learning anything new, you become stuck in the rut and are not able to explore newer avenues. In addition, the world of photography is changing at a rapid pace with new developments happening at every stage. When you do not adapt to these changes, you will not be able to retain your success for a long duration. Further, photography is a very competitive field today and you need to upgrade your skills in every possible manner to remain successful. Learning the basics of photography is not enough, you have to go beyond and attain proficiency in your particular field of photography as well.

Currently, photography is one of the most challenging yet rewarding career option in the world. With so many fields available for photographers to specialize in like sports, fashion, hospitality, news, etc. understanding the basics of photography on one and hand and gaining specialised knowledge on the other hand, can truly help you become a successful and renowned photographer.


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