Photography: Capturing Happiness

Photography reflects reality; it is an art, and a science that reproduces reality with accuracy. Its services span the range of human needs, both practical and emotional.

Photography plays a vital role in helping to preserve records of different fields of study, like cultural heritage, business documents, industry, education, medicine, and criminology and defense services, coupled with keeping a record of special occasions in a day to day life.

Photography provides thrill to both children and adults as catching and freezing special moments like, baby’s first step, smile, get together moments etc. is always special. It is a creative art that involves children’s physical and psychological activity. The pride of reproducing a moment encourages the child to look at the world through his own eyes. Photographers express how they feel or see life in the form of pictures. Their work can also spread awareness and can create understanding in the society by evoking reaction and emotion.

It doesn’t Dslr Photographymatter whether you do it for a living or for supplement income; if you are talented enough then the option of being a photographer comes with many advantages but first of all you have to be very sure whether you are going to take it as a profession or hobby. If you want to be a professional photographer then you must attend a photography course. Photography courses in India are more popular than one could imagine, there are vast number of colleges, schools, institutes and studios which offer their services to develop your skills from an amateur to a professional one. The faculty of these schools is really very knowledgeable.

Here, eminent professionals having years of experience give their valuable tips. They hone your skills and give you a basic idea of what it really takes to be a professional photographer. In order to attend these professional classes, one must have at least high school diploma, as well as necessary equipment which include a manual camera. No further knowledge of photography is required. Some schools also offer courses for children.


A good photographer can even take out beauty from the most mundane or boring objects, making people see things other than what really meets their eye. You might also find your clicked photograph on the magazine page or in commercial galleries.

As a photographer you can also pick up your area of interest and can focus on that only. Like, a person can choose to learn advertising photography or he can also choose to be a freelancer photographer and work according to his own wish. A Versatile photographer having good knowledge of Digital Cameras photography and right work ethic may find good placement and can draw a handsome salary. Today, several notable photographers earn millions annually.

So now we all know that opportunities are vast, therefore, one just needs to stick to his passion of being a photographer and do everything to fulfill that dream.


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