Love Clicking Photographs? This Checklist will Come in Handy

Photography like any other art, requires time, patience and hard work. There are various photography schools in India as well as around the globe which offer courses to start or refine your photography skills. Learning photography definitely helps you understand the technicalities, but, there is more to it.

Habits define the character of a man and his pictures. Keeping in mind the following points can help you depict remarkable stories through your photographs.


photography school India.jpgShoot regularly:

Practice makes a man perfect. Clicking photos everyday lets us understand ourselves, our surroundings and equipment better.

Get close to your subject:
It is important to know your subjects when clicking them. Going in close and understanding the dynamics and their surroundings help in composing a thoughtful and a meaningful shot.

When clicking, light plays a major role. Knowing and using the light undeniably lets you capture a more precise shot. Always check the light around your subject and choose angles which make the most out of that light for you.

In poor light conditions, flash can be your saviour, but, it is very important to figure out how to use it optimally. Make sure that it does not overpower your subject and at the same time should be powerful enough to let you reflect what you want in your image.

Go through your camera’s manual:
You can work wonders with your equipment only if you know what possibilities does it offer. It is always good to spare some time to read those few pages.

Purchase books and magazines:
Invest some money in photography books and magazines. It helps you appreciate the work done by others and opens up new perspectives every time you see a new click.

Scribble everyday:
Keep a notebook handy with you. Write down all that you think is worth while you shoot. Keep going over those points time and again. They help you not repeat the same mistakes again.

Find the best ones amongst all your shots:
Click a lot of pictures and don’t worry about finding the perfect shot in every click. Make sure you don’t miss out any opportunity in scrutinizing over that one shot. Let your mind remain calm and work slowly towards understanding the requirements for that splendid shot. Go through all your photos and select the best ones.

Be a part of a photographic community:
Associate yourself with like minded people. Join a community of photographers. This will help you understand where you stand and give ample opportunities to grow and learn from all the experience other people have.


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