Ways to Excel at Indoor Photography

Photography is a way of expression for every photographer and therefore the pictures clicked by any one individual will always be different from others. DSLR photography has given every person a unique identity in terms of their work. The advent of digital cameras photography has opened up many doors and given rise to different genres of photography. Let us look at some DSLR photography tips for indoor photography.

dslr photography tips

It is always good to position your subject in front of a light absorbing black velvet. This prevents any kind of reflections and thus the pictures do not look extra shiny and therefore blurry. Anything in the room, for instance a book shelf can be used to hold it up.

Position your light slightly above your subject for a perfect setting. But, there is no limit to experimenting when you play with light. Keep the light on the right side of your subject for a classic portrait feel and try out as many things as you can.

Shutter speed:
When doing indoor photography, it is advisable to go for a fast shutter speed.

Use a tripod, it makes the photographs more stable and less shaky. It helps you produce sharp images.

Focal length:
Longer focal lengths create more stunning photographs compared to shorter focal lengths. Use longer focal length to capture amazing shots.

Take a few shots:
When you are ready with your setup, it is advisable to take a few shots before and test the conditions. Also, you can figure out easily if your camera settings are justifying your work.

Lighting conditions:
Experiment with different lighting conditions, let the natural light create its effects if that is acceptable and possible to an extant. See the exposure and then play around a little with it as well till you find that perfect little setup to define your work.

Use a reflector:
Unwanted shadows ruin your photographs and using reflectors can save you from this. Put a reflector opposite to the light source and it will stop the light from creating shadows.


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