Explore Different Dimensions of Photography with Nikon

“Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality”, said Alfred Stieglitz, a renowned photographer and art promoter. The depth and the beauty in his words personify photography in a way like no other. With this personification and more, we at Nikon believe in sharing the art form among the masses to make it never ending phenomena.

To keep the photography spirit alive, we have devised a unique strategy that aids enthusiastic photographers in refining their skills by attending photography courses in India. It is time for photographers to go places and make a difference. We love being a part of this journey and making them realize their dream with our efforts.

photography courses in India

Our digital photography tutorials are designed keeping in mind the specifics for different levels and skills of photographers. The tutorials are divided into the following categories:

Basics of D-SLR

Accurate for beginner level photographers, these workshops teach candidates how to handle their cameras. They provide a basic understanding of different camera functions and operations making people comfortable with their device.

Photo Walk

Practical sessions exploring different themes like nature, travel, street, landscape and still life photography that help the people learn the art of capturing beautiful shots along with an understanding of ISO, aperture, composition, shutter speed etc.

Advanced outdoor

Venturing into remote areas or other adventures to capture the beauty using the D-SLR along with shooting for fashion, wildlife etc. is a part of this outdoor experience.

Advanced Classroom

Taking photography skills to the next level, advanced classroom workshops help in mastering the skills to use a camera.

Photo Seminar

Taking the entire process up a notch, this photo seminar walks the candidate through different approaches to hone their skills.

 Wedding workshop

One of the most popular genres, wedding photography is a category that is taking the form of a highly specialized field and we help you learn how to capture the emotion behind a wedding.

The biggest advantage that you have with the Nikon classes is that you get the help of experts and learn photography with people of similar interests.



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