How to Take Beautiful Shots- Some Tips

What comes in your mind when you pick your DSLR up to capture a shot before pressing the shutter? If you’re like several photographers out there, you’re not thinking much about it– you just want to capture the moment and that’s it.

Dslr photography Tips - Nikon School

Though, by making it a habit to ask few simple questions can majorly help you to take your pictures to the next level. Following are some questions or you can say some DSLR photography tips that you should ask yourself while taking pictures. Hope you find them useful:

What story are you telling?

This is a vital question and one that must help you to make any number of decisions regarding composition, framing, coverage etc. Basically what you’re asking is why am I taking this photograph? What is its purpose and what am I trying to express?’ Is it only a way to keep a record of a moment, are you trying to capture the feeling of a moment, is it part of a series of shots or will it be the only shot to celebrate the moment etc.

What is the pictorial focal point of the shot?

What will viewers of this image have their eyes drawn to? When you are able to make out this focal point you can think about where to place it in the frame.

There are various ways through which you are able to enhance a focal point.

What competing focal points are there?

When you’ve acknowledge what you like your viewer’s eyes to be drawn towards and have placed it in the frame, go through the shot again and see if there are any more focal points and ask yourself whether they enhance it or take away from the image? Secondary focal points are able to add depth to images, however they can also be extremely distracting and therefore you might have to change the position of yourself or fine-tune your focal length and/or depth of field to accommodate your shots.

What is in the background as well as foreground?

One of most common places for disturbances in digital cameras photography is the background of your images. Just look into the space behind your subject to see what else is in the picture. Think whether you want the background well-defined or nice and hazy.

Am I way too close?

One more common mistake in taking pictures is capturing shots where your subject is too tiny in the frame. Photos that fill the frame with your subject tend to be a lot more vibrant and display a lot more detail. To get this effect, you have the choice of moving yourself closer, moving your subject closer or using a lengthier focal length to provide the end product of closeness.

There are more tips too that you can follow during photography. Also, you can join workshops for better photography learning.


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